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Who are we?


Awareaway is a Not-For-Profit organisation based on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nations. We specialise in growing and crafting gourds, offer hands-on, intersectional environmental education, horticultural consultation services and, of course, sell beautiful gourd wares.

Awareaway exists to create awareness and positive behaviour change towards creating more sustainable habits and relationships within our ecosystems and the resources we benefit from. Our core goals are to instil the sustainability mindset; to live within the limits of our ecosystems, to be regenerative in our actions, to reconnect with nature and each other and to provide support to marginalised community members through meaningful training and employment opportunities. 
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"...a unique and important force for communicating the social impacts of environmental issues and promoting change...I have been continually impressed by their passion, knowledge, capacity for community connection and ability to clearly convey the urgency of the plastic waste problem through engaging creative projects."



- Carmen Reid, City of Hume Cultural Development, Arts & Culture Officer  


"[Awareaway] have been an integral part of our waste diversion and awareness systems at Moon Rabbit since day one. Their innovation has ensured that all of our milk lids and rings have been diverted from landfill and processed to be turned into beautiful, functional items that ensure these plastics do not negatively impact our local environment...Without innovators and organisations like [Awareaway] working hard to create solutions, solving our waste problem will be out of reach."

- Sam Fisher, Manager at Moon Rabbit Café, Preston


Our Board







Clarens is a creative, community-led and resourceful marketing and advertising professional with more than 4 years experience in local and international markets. 

Martin is a photographer and passionate environmentalist, who loves camping and bushwalking. 

Sophie comes from a background in International Studies and community development, she speaks Spanish and Portuguese and has spent time in the field in Colombia. 

Alex comes from an anthropology, psychology and humanities background, with training in Permaculture Design and Human-Centred Design frameworks.   

Zione has a background in Business Management and Accounting. She has 13 years’ experience in the Not-For Profit sector in Malawi. 

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