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Awareaway offers unique garden consultation services with an emphasis on codesign and community:


If you are looking to create a garden that gives back to people and planet we can help! 

We offer tailored sessions with community engagement built in or one off consultations to layout the starting point for designing, implementing and bringing the community along with you to grow a beautiful, useful, and meaningful garden; place for people to come together, grow and cook food and use productive greenspace for a variety of different activities. 


A garden needs people to love it for it to thrive. We provide the plans, liaising closely with community and your organisation to ensure a successful and meaningful garden with multiple uses and shared ‘ownership’ when it comes to the design and use of the garden, so that community feel proud and volunteer engagement is set up to succeed. 

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Our Consultants

Our consultants have a unique platform of community engagement backgrounds, anthropology, community development, psychology, volunteer engagement, codesign, and years of experience in garden, community and organisations.  

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