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Starting a business with $0.

On the day of opening their bank account, Sophie had $4 in her personal bank account.

They opened an account with Bank Australia, after having done a fair amount of research in to which bank was as ethical as you can expect a bank to be and also relatively accessible. Sophie was pretty pleased with their first experience at Bank Australia, very friendly staff, supportive of their mission and generally aware of and sympathetic to environmental and human rights causes. Plus the clerk liked Alex's earrings.There were also REAL plants and wooden surfaces in the bank shopfront, they know how to win the hearts of greenies, Sophie & Alex were unsure if they should feel duped or pleased...

The day after opening the bank account, Sophie and Alex went busking (to make the $500 they needed to show NEIS that their exHell spreadsheet business budget stacked up)...they made $6...and spent it well...on coffee, Sophie's coffee came with an unsolicited plastic straw... they made an instagram complaint with a photo of the coffee and one cared.

Image: Martin Bennet

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